bee charm Tiffany jewelry for sale polishing is not homogeneous

19 iulie 2010

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From the introduction of the euro common brand agent in Italy 29 k-gold jewelry brands, collective debut Shenyang international jewellery show, becoming one of the highlights of this exhibition. Leaders, industry celebrities, entrepreneurs, and many consumers. According to reports, in this Italian brand 29, 10 Rome “Royal” jewellery brands and 19 Italian modern jewelry brand. Which have been in 2009 Beijing 798 Art Center “Rome jewelry dream factory” exhibition and the Chinese audiences Anji Lady (Angeletti), Mario Po past Latina (Mario Buccellati) and casanica (Cazzaniga) brand, there is also a premiere of wiheries (Vieri), Jessica (Jessica). According to reports, many of the brand in Italy has a very long history and origins of deep culture, its exhibits superb, very imaginative. Shenyang Vice Mayor Qi Ming during a visit to jewelry exhibition booth during the show’s k-gold jewelry. She said that with the Shenyang jewellery consumption matures consumers for advanced jewellery have very strong awareness, aesthetic idea also has a great upgrade, fashionable jewelry has a very strong desire. And recommendations accompanying the visit of Shenyang local shop and well-known brand holders can attempt to cooperate to promote the sales of high-end jewelry, Shenyang, China. Beijing wearing mengde jewelry manufacturing co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Chung-will this reporter’s interview, said that the introduction of the euro Cape this Italian K gold jewelry brands are world famous k-gold jewelry brand. Italy K gold jewelry in the process of the diversity of nature, style, style of elegant, etc, has been leading the world of fashion for domestic consumers. This exhibition of jewellery, dazzling, Shenyang, people bring exotic jewellery visual feast. Insiders said that so many of the top Italian K gold jewelry brand collective participation in exhibitions, means not only k-gold jewelry, China and the world of standards, but also on behalf of the domestic k-gold jewelry trends and the future development of a wind vane. “This is the Lady of the series. “Staff reporters,” such a group exhibit design daring hyperbole, color blending unique, diverse styles, materials, suitable for the grade of elegant and have a certain economic air jordan air jordan shoes strength of consumer purchase. “It is understood that the current proxy 29 of many of the brand is a brand of Italy. Euro company according to the audience into the hostess series, senior white-collar series, students ‘ series, the little girl series, and many other series to classify the promotion, to fit age, identity and economic capacity and fashion of consumer choice. “This group of products, fine workmanship and bee charm Tiffany jewelry for sale polishing is not homogeneous spot untouched, mellow, chain, being flexible and smooth, flexible chain link. “Staff edge to edge to wear, from Liaoning province in Liaoyang city made a visit to jewelry Fair Lady on a k-gold jewelry at first sight. However, due to the site of the exhibition cannot be purchased separately, she was very sorry to say to the reporter in the hope that in the northeast to buy beautiful, fine Italian jewelry.

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