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17 iulie 2010

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Impression in his jewelry can also be used to match the style of fashion items, compared to fashion jewellery or other jewelry, real jewellery collections more value and significance. Starting from entry-level jewelry, access to the magnificent world!
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More jewelry is the entry-level, but many can be Tiffany Accessories for cheap

tiffany round earrings notes the classic style. You can choose to have the Van Cleef & Arpels signature rose gold with carnelian bracelet siyecao or heart-shaped, or Dior with inspiration from the sleeping beauty of chicago bears jerseys

cincinnati bengals jerseys the Bois de Rose ring, wear after the saucy effect: just like the Roses stalk twisting to means. This series of rings every advanced by Paris jewelry handmade workshop craftsmen hand-finished, in the advanced jewellery market entry in. In addition, Bulgari advertising season new 1 rose gold ceramic ring also belongs to the entry-level products, this ring will be two major classical elements baogeli, of which we are most familiar with the famous BVLGARI BVLGARI dual identity.
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10 000 to 30 000 jewellery that you can choose between the range is already large, this spring and summer, senior Chanel jewelry series in Chanel Camellia flowers of the Kingdom, the Camelia Ajoure range of jewellery line, pierced by the interpretation of Ms. favorite Chanel Camellia to gold material showing distinct colors. Louis Vuitton Coeur series is also involved in the spring and summer jewelry worth having products, price comparison, and not too expensive, delightful, and young design will allow entry-level customer and young girls. This class has another series of Chaumet Liens, many people think of it as heart of the “connections” mean become lovers among signals. If this is the gem lovers, Chaumet’s color gemstones and small diamond ring can also be bought.
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30 000 to 50 000 between jewellery looks can be very attractive, and love of Cartier’s Love series bracelet. Cartier designer Aldo Cipullo had to let everyone in love and commitment, belief in 1969 to Cartier in New York City Studio to design this bracelet. This unique “screws” with design bracelet can only be used by couples with special screwdriver to open, the biggest selling point is this-if you don’t have a screwdriver, bracelets will not be able to open some of the more unique! style choice is the Van Cleef & Arpels Perlee rose gold bracelets, or wear method unique Platinum mosaic White Pearl and turquoise Fritillaria Lucky Alhambra finger ring.
WLK jewellery in processing and TBC-what’s the difference?
Solid six kinds of precious stones, each color as well as the corresponding attributes, in addition to the colorful gem variegated, added a class “edge color gem.” Rhombic colour: Sapphire few, is used in the belt on, if you use forging manufacture belt punching in the waistband on GEM slot, the slot will only install Prism colored gemstones.
Property, the original quality of solid TBC purple gemstones can add 12, solid color is purple gemstones WLK up 20. Other various increases the basic effect of gemstones are also upgrading the times than TBC has doubled.
‘S award handsome each jeweler can plug it in three special “Dragon” dragon eye-eye-stone stone, regardless of color, cut out of stone according to different pattern corresponds to 6 colours slots. Dragon eye stone efficacy increase gem quality than purple gemstones lift 70%, is very powerful.

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